Managers as decision makers essay

Product A can be sold at 0 per unit and Product B can be sold at Rs. They are limited in their search for alternatives that affect the decision-making situations.

Decision-making and problem- solving are inter-related. If results match the objectives, such alternative forms the basis for future decision-making. Managers access information from the data processing system, retrieve data relevant to the decision, test it for alternative solutions and accept the most appropriate solution.

If managers perceive that competitors are following a new strategy for creating customer loyalty or upgrading their technology to reduce cost of production, it requires immediate decision-making by managers. Cost incurred in providing these facilities will exceed the revenue expected to be generated from them.

This will increase financial burden of the firm. They cannot anticipate the outcomes of alternatives as they will be known only in future. This is done by keeping into account the average rate at which material arrives, the average processing time, average waiting time etc. Sale in international markets.

They only describe what is best, what decision-makers should do to make the best decisions and describe the norms they should follow in making decisions. Computers have facilitated easier and faster calculations of information for making use of decision tree.

Decisions help to solve problems. Choose Type of service. This involves a long-term development of an original solution, sometimes going through authorization loops that generate large amounts of information as to the aspects of the problem Browne, et al.

However, the extent of the impact of the National Lottery tends to be overestimated and needs to be the reading of its impact needs to be balanced by the fact that it offers merely on-line games.

Programmed decisions are made in response to organizational problems.


These decisions are able to meet their standards. This technique is useful where respondents are geographically spread over large areas and do not have face-to-face interaction with each other.

Essay on Decision-Making in an Organisation

If number of people or material is not too large, number of queues required can be estimated by observation but if this number is large, sophisticated queuing or waiting line models help in deciding the optimum number of queues so that neither the material or people have to wait in the queues nor the service providers lie vacant or underutilised.

Though the decision-maker attempts to generate maximum information on which he bases his decisions, it may not always be possible either because of his physical, mental or time constraints or because of environmental constraints the complete information may not be available.

Cost of individual decision-making is less than group decision-making. Nevertheless, in order to place the appropriate concern sectors to which overhead costs should be allocated, the tool which Management Accounting provides is Activity Based Management. This criterion of maximising value of the decision is called maxi-max criterion as its objective is to earn maximum monetary payoff.

It is therefore important to never make decisions until there is disagreement. Therefore, if short term costs rise or grosss fall so the JIT system will be able to help the direction of William Hill in doing elusive short term alterations. Two area banks, Bank A and Bank B, decided to merge their operations.

Negotiation should not try and exhaust people and should rather aim at principled win: They can rank their preferences of decision outcomes in a hierarchy and make the right choice to maximise the organisational goals.

In the individual approach, decisions are taken by the manager alone.Decision makers for managers at William Hill William Hill is a company which specialises in supplying gaming and wagering chances to people in a scope of athleticss from Equus caballus rushing to football.

Most managers have characteristics of analytic decision makers. (False; moderate; p. ) According to the boxed feature, “Managing Workforce Diversity,” diverse employees tend to make decisions faster than a homogeneous group of employees.

Managers as Decision Makers Essay Sample. 1) What is your reaction to this story? What does it illustrate about decision making?

Being aware of the difficulties concerning the trains from Brussels, deciding to travel the trains was not a wise decision. Management and Organisations Decision-Making Essay Introduction As a manager of a company, it is inevitable that one will have to make a variety of decisions throughout their career.

Essay on Communications Theory: Group Thinking - Groupthink is the communications theory that addresses, “ defective decision making on the part of a cohesive decision-making group in which loyalty to real or perceived group norms take precedence over independent, critical judgment” (Redd &.

Decision-Making Decision-Making Decision-making introduction Excellent decision-making is an essential tool used for management and leadership within an organization. It is important that an organization learns to make appropriate and well-considered decisions; in return the manager will lead the team to spectacular and well deserved success.

Managers as decision makers essay
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